Making the Easiest/Hardest Decision

So the first post has little to do with BJJ directly,

How do you go about making what some would consider a life changing decision? Well the decision itself was very easy to make, who wouldn’t want to put work on hold to travel?

When the idea first struck me that I could make a dream a possibility is was a bit of a joke between mates. We were discussing how much leave we did and didn’t have, I have accumulated a large amount of leave with the company that I work for. So when one of them mention that I could take 6 months off and bum around I initially laughed it off and we didn’t mention it again. Luckily that conversation left a little what if?

For those who know me personally I’m a all in sort of person i don’t seem to be able to do things half arsed. I never really did the travel thing before settling down and starting a family. So after thinking about it for a few days I dropped the idea to my wife. Unfortunately I didn’t explain it that well, or it could’ve been that it seemed impossible to drop our current lifestyle and live something we could only dream of. As she went 24hrs believing that I was planning to do this 6 Month adventure by myself. After I cleared up the confusion it only added more questions, “what about the kids schooling?” “what about the house?” “Where are we going to stay?” “Can we afford this?”. All of these questions added doubt that it was even possible so I did what most people would do when hit with questions and hit up Google…. Unfortunately we got very little info about people who had done it before, lot about singles and couples but nothing about a family that was going to travel and all train in the USA.

So here we are, a lot of our exact questions are still unanswered 6 months out and that’s half the adventure, one thing is certain this is going to Happen! When I floated this idea with my parents ( my mother is a retired school teacher ) I thought I was going to get a reality check. to my surprise I was told “go for it, don’t worry about the kids they will get so much out of it.  You only live once”. Every person that I speak to that hears about the trip can’t believe that we are going on a trip like this. I think it has a lot to do with what we consider as a society is the dream…..get a good job, buy a house, start a family and save so we can retire. Is that really what we are here for? I don’t think so…..well not yet anyway.

Hopefully others can learn something from this trip and apply it or not, into their own trips and adventures with their Family….the first step is making the call to do it.


One Reply to “Making the Easiest/Hardest Decision”

  1. I have known both of you for many years now. I have seen you go thru some tough times and have celebrated some of the good times. I have known both of the kids since they were born. Although work choices have put some distance between us, I think we are still friends. That’s why I keep my shit at your house. Woody, you truely are “an all in” kind of guy. Luckily, Dee is “an all in” kind of girl. It just works. I don’t see Lilly and Kobe as having much choice. They will just have to like being “all in”. You guys just make stuff happen and achieve what you set your minds to. This is a bold and courageous decision to follow a dream. People should … and will, take inspiration from this. It’s ok to make alternate decisions to pursue your passions. It’s exciting to break out of the ordinary and be exceptional. The fact that you can do this as a family is amazing.
    I am inspired,
    I am jealous,
    ………..but most of all; I am glad that I will be able to follow the four of you on this amazing journey of a lifetime.
    Proud to be a supporter of Jitzwithwoodys and proud to be your friend.
    A truely incredible young family.


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