Training to be able to Train

So how do you prepare yourself to possibly train everyday or at least be ready to?

To get the most out of this trip I need to be able to take full advantage of the training that is on offer. This means potentially training 2-3 times a day everyday of the week for short periods.

Like most practitioners I have spent a majority of my Jiu-Jitsu career training once a day 3 times a week, supplemented with cross training such as weights, running and other circuit programs. This was largely due to the availability of class times with the club.

I was first introduced in the term “training to be able to train” by my first coach Gerald. Basically meaning that you need to be in good physical condition to be able to get the most out of your training. Fatigue and injuries can greatly reduce your effectiveness on the mat. I found this out to be true on many occasions, when I would travel to Perth on a training trip and find by the 4th day of training sometimes up the 2 sessions a day. That I was suffering from tendonitis, sore and could barely get through a session.

Clearly what I was doing in my normal training wasn’t replicating  the stress I was putting on my body in these extended sessions. I needed to do more! well that’s what I thought anyway. I intensified my weight training as I thought that armouring my body by building muscle would help and it did to some extent going from 72kg up to 80kgs in about 18 weeks. As those who are aware to maintain a higher weight above your natural one can be almost a full time job with diet and gym sessions. As I had a comp coming up I increased my training intensity and found it harder and harder to put on weight. So I bit the bullet and moved back down to my natural weight.

Luckily I have been now able to increase my Jiu-Jitsu sessions to 6 sessions a week. For the first 6 weeks I was hobbling around like a 3 legged dog and thought that I couldn’t keep it up and need to rest, I pushed through. It’s amazing to see how fast the body can adapt when it realizes it has no other choice. I find now that I can easily put the 6 sessions in a weeks and be fine, the swelling, pain and aches have subsided that I had in the first weeks. Im sure they are still there but my brain has switched the receptors off.

This lead up for the trip will only see a increase in sessions with soon moving to 8 sessions and so on. Like I have been told a hundred times in my Jiu-Jitsu career “to get better a Jitz you need to train more Jitz”. This is very true but now also finding at least in my case the more time I can spend on the mats the more punishment my body can endure. Im sure I will have some very punishing days, weeks and months ahead to be able to get the most out of this trip…..

Most of all train smart!!…If I have a serious injury, as the same with anyone… you need to rest as the Jiu-Jitsu thing is a long term deal. But those days when you can’t be bothered when finger hurts or your shoulder is a little sore are the days you need to be on the mats the most!!


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