Bubble Bum, Travel Booster seat – Quick Review

So holiday season is upon us and traveling with kids can be a pain and costly. With all the extra things you need to take you can end up looking like a sherpa about to scale Mt Everest…….Fear not as one of the most annoying things to hire or take with you can be a lot easier.

While doing research I found that there was one product on the market that would make our trip a lot easier. The Bubble-Bum inflatable booster seat is exactly that, a booster seat that inflates in seconds and can be fitted to any vehicle car seat in minutes. The whole unit fits into its own travel bag that the kids could easily fit in their backpack and carry themselves ( they have to earn their keep somehow ).

No more hire fees and extra baggage……..We will be using them on the plane!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_Khr5poAtI%5B/embedyt%5D

If you’re in Australia or New Zealand checkout


They will send it out courier for a very reasonable rate and only take a few business days!

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