What about Schooling?

Whenever I have heard that someone I know is planning to home school their children, I have thought “really?” taking on your child’s education solely is a HUGE responsibility – I have even laughed at the fact I wouldn’t do it- this is what I would call KARMA, hahaha!

Many have asked why we don’t just enrol the kids into a school whilst we are in America? Our answer to this we don’t plan on being in one place for longer than 2/3 weeks. 6 months isn’t a long time and there is so many places we want to train at. Enrolling them into a new school every 2/3 weeks isn’t fair on the kids, the school or teachers.

Prior to Lilly & Kobe starting full time school I never knew the longing for the return of the school year, I may have even stated silly things like “how can you look forward to them going back to school”. I will admit this was at a time when my children loved each other all the time and didn’t not bicker or fight!  I now look forward to the first day of school – be it the first day of Term or the return after a long weekend – Going to the coffee shop, ordering a coffee and piece of cake whilst reading a book or catching up with a friend to have an uninterrupted conversation after dropping them off at school is just pure bliss!

I have imagined our schooling to being very similar to my attempts at assisting them with their homework. On more than one occasion I have been told “You are wrong! & You know Nothing!” – I love that both Lilly & Kobe are strong willed/ stubborn personalities (not at these times though).

The two options for us – “SIDE” (School of Isolated and Distance Education) and Home Schooling.

SIDE is logging into classes/lessons which are scheduled here in Australia which would require us to have internet connection, a printer and a scanner – being that will be in a completely opposite time zones (this would make for very tired and cranky parents… I mean children), we also want the flexibility to train at every opportunity available to us so a structured timetable may not work.

Home Schooling is the most obvious option for us – even though this requires a lot of planning of school work/curriculum on our part – Thankfully Adams’ mum is a retired school teacher, and I know that she will be more than happy to help us, as there is so much information for home schoolers I seem to be getting lost in it all.

We are also very lucky that our school and teachers have been so supportive of our adventure that I’m confident that with their assistance we can survive this! We are trying to find the best resources so we are not weighed down with books and worksheets – you would think in a world full of technology this would be easy…

So far, we have discovered IXL – website & app for Mathematics and Literacy/English. Also, we have been recommended Reading Eggs.

Will keep you updated with this one! 🙂  Dee

2 Replies to “What about Schooling?”

  1. Dee you are the most capable woman I’ve ever met, you always hit your goals. The kiddies education is in safe hands. X


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