Travel Plans…So far

So it would seem that everything has gone quiet and that we haven’t been up too much, well that hasn’t been quite the case.

As far as the trip is concerned the flights are booked in to LA and out of Hawaii. One of the biggest challenges organising a trip like this isn’t to over plan it. I started out trying to work out when and where we were going to be and the things we were going to do at each place. I contacted a lot of travel agents to try and get the best deal. What I found happened is that by the time I got a reply from one of the agents the plan had changed…….at one stage I was getting quotes on Flights, Perth to Melbourne, Melbourne to LA, LA to New York then car hire to San Francisco, San Francisco to Honolulu, Honolulu to Hilo back to Honolulu and back to Perth. Losing my mind trying to plan the whole 6 months out.

After about a month chasing flight deals and spending all my time doing flight searches websites we decided just to book our flight to and from the USA online ourselves. The reason we booked a return flight and not just one way is that most travel insurance companies require you to hold a book return ticket prior to your departure…. Glad I read some blogs on this and checked the fine prints as it may have been a costly lesson.

We plan on organising our other internal flights closer to the flight date or even while we are in the states. This way we can take full advantage of the experiences and opportunities that we may come across while over there. I’m so please that we did and just after we booked the flights I found out the dates for the World Master Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship  on August 24th, 25th and 26th….Looks like we are now headed to Vegas on those dates.

Accommodation we plan to handle in very much the same way. Airbnb is how we plan to book most if not all our accommodation. That way we can have the amenities that we require unlike hotels and live like locals at a much cheaper price…. I’m sure we are going to have plenty of good stories using Airbnb for 5-6 months. Check out Airbnb here if you haven’t already and score some credit.

As for places we intend on visiting to train check out our trip map BJJ USA Trip we will updating this as we go also to add any other places we train.

As the dates are now fast approaching there will be a lot more activity on the blog soon around training prep and the kids schooling that we are hanging out to share with you all


Cheers Woody

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