Meal Plan – Quick review

Ok before I start, I am in no way a diet or training professional and any of my advice should be taken the same as the crazy guy at a bus stop or that annoying friend who read a few bodybuilding articles and is now an expert. Im mainly writing this so you can see me in my jocks…..haha

So, a lot has been going on with my Physical preparation for the trip the biggest change would be my Diet. Many of the people around me have seen that Dee and I have been eating all sorts of weird meals and refusing food offers that don’t fit in with our plan. We haven’t gone out of our way to share what we are up to basically because I wasn’t sure it was going to work.

Eating MASSIVE meals that I’m sure took me around an hour to eat the first week didn’t quite seem to add up. Well the results are in and here is what we have been doing.

At the start of January Dee and I are driving back home from BJJ training and talking about how much we are now on the mats. I mentioned that one thing we need to consider was diet as due to training so much meals had become whatever we could slap together and not much thought was going into it. For a couple of weeks prior to this an Australian BJJ Blackbelt had been pushing his meal plan. Kit Dale is a well know Aussie competitor both here and around the world…. Kit is a bit of a personality and love him or hate him you can’t deny the bloke gets results. Anyway, I’m not sure if it was the daily shirtless post by Kit that sealed the deal…….. hahaha, but we purchased the meal plans.

The 8-week Transformation meal plan consisted of a pre-counted Macro menu with colour coded days and system. What this meant was that you could chose an almost infinite combination of meals off the menu to make up your day. The system was quite easy to follow and made sense with high carb, fat and balanced days.


So, the meals themselves to me were huge…within the first week It was clear that I wasn’t eating enough previously, taking me around an hour to finish some of them off. I seemed always full and when the next meal time came around I wasn’t hungry but still made sure I ate every meal. The meals consisted of exciting and different ingredients that I hadn’t had before such as Halloumi and Quinoa. All meals consisted of mostly fresh produce and I don’t think I have had a single artificial additive since being on the plan. There is a lot of prep thou which Dee must take all the credit for, we often joked that you lost weight by burning calories cooking all the time. Dee was instrumental in this plan ensuring that when I went to work I had everything there so there was no excuses.

So here is the verdict after 8 weeks we both feel amazing all thou I have only lost around 2kg in weight. My body fat percentage has gone from 12% to 9.5%. The whole reason for this was to perform better and it has done exactly that, I feel in the best shape I have in years and the confidence that comes with that is priceless.

One thing I also forgot to mention was that there has been a Facebook page setup that you are added to when you start the plan. This is an awesome tool to keep you on track if you need it and some of the transformations on there are amazing.

If you’re looking for change in the way you feel or to lose some weight I can recommend giving the 8-week transformation Meal plan a crack…….I can’t see us going off it anytime soon it’s not a crash diet is a lifestyle change.


Link- Meal Plans

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