Clevey Williams Visit -5/5/17 – Newman WA

Cleve and some of the crew from one of the sessions

We were lucky enough to be graced with a visit to Newman from a good friend of mine Cleve Williams. I met Cleve around Feb 2009 on one of my training trips to the Submission Factory in Perth Western Australia. At the time Cleve was a Purple belt and had just returned to training after having some time off. For those who don’t know Cleve he is a super energetic person and tells some of the funniest stories…..if you can keep up with the pace and timeline of the tale hahahaha. Cleve who is now a Black belt and runs his own Academy Imperial BJJ  has always been a constant figure throughout my years of training and journey.

Not long after Stacey Wilson my coach had last visited Newman….actually probably the exact moment Cleve found out he expressed interest in coming up to our small town and club in the middle of nowhere. So after a short conversation and with the blessing of his wife Natalie, Cleve was excused from his normal fatherly and club duties and made the trip up.

Cleve and some of the Kids from the weekend

When I sent him a rough agenda of what we will be up to the response of “whoa that’s a lot of rolling” may of been mentioned. As we don’t often get the experience of a Black Belt to Newman we like to “work” them…..I mean “learn” from them as much as we can. It’s also always great to be able to show someone your back yard and give them a understanding first hand of where you live and what you are doing. We had Cleve staying with us for 3 days which was filled with Kids classes, Seminars and Open mats. Everyone had a great time and fed off his huge amounts of energy.




We were able to show him around our small town which included a visit to our local “Water Corp yard” – Cleve works for the Water Corp hahaha. After all the training on the last day everyone was feeling a little sore so we headed out to a local water hole for a bit of recovery and a sausage. The water temp was about 10*C ….. or felt like it so was nice on those sore joints and bumps that accumulated over the weekend. Just like that it was over and time for Cleve to fly out. Around 18hrs of time on and around the mats over 3 days made for a awesome weekend!!




A huge thanks to Cleve for giving up his time with his club and family to come and be part of ours and all for the Newman BJJ Inc crew for making this a great weekend. Small remote clubs like ours rely on the support from the BJJ community and the willingness to share the mat and information with each other. If you’re ever looking for a place to train in Perths Northern Suburbs make sure you hit him up at Imperial BJJ or on Facebook at Facebook/Imperialbjj he is always happy to have visitors!

Oh and on a side note only 55 days until we fly our on our trip when the real action will start!!


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