Schooling Part 2.


Here is my follow up blog on our “Schooling ”

I sent off our application to become “Home Educators” to the WA Education Department earlier this week, so from the 1st of July we will be Home Educators!

I am not going to lie, the thought of homeschooling made me anxious, as I stated in my previous blog – I see schooling as a huge responsibility.

Initially when I looked at our plans on schooling the kids I was a little concerned that plans are a little sparse, but after lots of discussions with others I ultimately believe that Lilly and Kobe will learn so much from the trip itself that we don’t want to overwhelm the kids and ourselves with over structured learning plans.

Our Resources for homeschooling.

This is the what the WA Education Dept. expects to be taught to every child in their respective years, this is the guide to ensure we are teaching Lilly and Kobe the essentials items to ensure their transition back into a classroom education.


The IXL App is installed on to IPads or computer, you can choose to subscribe monthly or yearly and you can also choose to subscribe to just maths, or literacy or the combination as we have. IXL also have different cost subscription if it is to be used for single child or families.

We subscribed to the IXL at the beginning of the year and installed it on our IPads.

Lilly and Kobe have been completing a maths & literacy lesson most days so that it reiterates what they are being taught at school.


Wendy (my mother in law) introduced me to the Excel English and Mathematic Workbooks – I love these workbooks.

I was concerned with the IXL app that on their return to a classroom lessons they would be use to worksheet lessons and their writing skills.

The books we have a combination of both Maths & English for their year. These are also a great for when we are not connected to internet and schooling can still be completed.


  • Spelling & Writing

We will utilise the Oxford 1000 words for the kids spelling. Writing is a little more complex- we will be asking the kids to write recounts of things we have done, write of fictional stories with the strategies taught at school and for them to write their own blogs. Thankfully Wendy has provided us with flashcards on the strategies taught at school.


  • Reading of Books

We will source books whilst travelling around for reading.

I have two books from DK Books, that I will be taking with us to help me with our lessons.

These books are “Help your kids with English” and Help your kids with Maths – I purchased these from our local Australia Post Office, you can also purchase them from DK Australia

It has been many years since I was in primary school and learning strategies have changed since I was in primary school, so these books are amazing.

Our April school holidays I took the opportunity to trial our resources and schooling. In the first few days of the school holidays I learnt that Lilly and Kobe are happier to complete their schooling straight after breakfast, I am under no illusion that some days this may not be ideal, but it is great to know prior to us leaving.

Every day Lilly and Kobe would complete two IXL lessons (one maths & one literacy) and two pages of the workbooks (again one maths and one literacy).

We would alternate Reading books and spelling.

At the end of the two weeks I seen a huge improvement in Kobe’s willing to attempt his lessons / workbooks independently.

Now that we are 46 days away from our departure date, I can honestly say I am no longer anxious about our children’s education and this leads to so much more excitement for myself – even if Lilly isn’t so excited about it, as she stated Here


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