Lilly’s update – Blog 2

Hi, it’s me Lilly I am in Perth right now getting ready to go to America. But the thing is that we are going to Brisbane for 5hr then 14hr on a plane to America!!

So what we have been doing while we are in Perth? Well first on Tuesday and Wednesday we went to the Submission Factory and saw Stacey. I took some pictures they were good Pictures.

Then on Thursday it was my BIRTHDAY. We went to Kings park, then when we got back from Kings park we had some cake then we went to Cleves club we worked on cross the lapel chokes. I had a roll with Savannah it was a good roll! When it was Dad and Mums class I took photos.

Kobe and I at Cleve’s Kids class

On Friday, we did nothing because Dad hurt his ribs the night before.

On Saturday, we had forgotten stuff in Newman so we asked the Mitchells to bring it down so on Saturday they gave us our stuff then we had sushi for lunch.

Then on Sunday Mum and I did a BJJ and JUDO women’s open mat at the UWA. I had rolls with Darcina and some other ladies and Mum I had a good time!!

Me and mum at UWA open mat

Now Today we fly out to America so right now we are getting ready to go to America. I bet it will be fun in America!!

So that what I have been doing this week.

One Reply to “Lilly’s update – Blog 2”

  1. Wow Lilly your week has been pretty busy, I hope you and your Mum, Dad and Kobe have a great time in America, your probably wondering who I am but your dad will be able to tell you, anyway have a fabulous time.


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