Lillys update – Blog #3


On Tuesday, we arrived in LA. When we got out of the plane of the airport and we caught a yellow Taxi to get to the apartment. When we got there, it was locked and the key was not there!!!!

So, we had to call the owner Drew who let us in. Then we had to wait for the house to be ready so we went down to Rigan’s club but he was not there so we went and had subway. Next, we went to Santa Monica Pier beach we had a walk around. After that we went home then we went and slept.

On Wednesday, we went to the Academy club Rigan was there then Mum and Dad did BJJ. In the warm ups dad hurt himself. After class, we got photos with Rigan then we went home to rest because dad hurt himself.

Kobe, Rigan and I wearing Gi’s

On Thursday, we went to Tar pits first we watched titans of the ice age then we visited a original size mammoth, it was big sized mammoth. We walked around looking at other stuff and took photos with other things in the Museum. We looked at the tar pits they stunk!!!!

Kobe and I next to a sabretooth cat

It was also the first day we got to train. We went to BHJJC where Marcus taught the kids class. We did Judo rolls which were different from the way we do it back home, so it was a bit tricky. We did 2 different takedowns that I can’t remember the name of but you use your foot to sweep their leg. We did a little bit of rolling which was good.

Training at BHJJC

On Friday, Mum trained BJJ at BHJJC, we then went to muscle beach we saw a man do cool thing on the bars for us, then we had a go on some other bars. Then we walked down to Santa Monica Pier on the way we did some other stuff on the equipment along the way. Once at the Pier we went on a Ferris wheel.

Kobe and I getting eaten
Me as big person

On Saturday Mum, Kobe and I all trained in the morning. It was good because the bigger kids were in the class to. We did some revision on takedowns and grip breaks. We then worked on some guard stuff. After training we went to Hollywood walk of fame, we went to some museum things like world records, singer and movie stars. We met Iron man and got to fist bump him.

So that’s what we have been doing in LA so far.


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