Lilly’s Update – Blog #4

On our last day in LA we went and had Nicks for breakfast. After breakfast, we stayed home packing to get ready to go to Disneyland. Then we got a Uber to the car hire and got a little black car. Then we drove home and packed the car. We drove all the way to Disneyland. When we got there, we had to wait till 3 PM to sign in to our hotel because we had to wait we went Disneyland park. WE WENT ON THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY RIDE IT WAS BREAKOUT. You were in an elevator you buckled up then you went up then you dropped. We went on heaps and heaps of rides. Then on he second day we did a dance off with Gamora and Starlord after that we got photo with Groot. For dinner, we had IHOP it was all breakfast item but we still had it.

Kobe and I with Groot
trying to pull the sword out!
Kobe Fighting Darth Vader
Mum and I on one of the rides.
Kobe’s a bad driver

The next day for breakfast we had IHOP. We signed out of the hotel and drove all the way to Lego land. When we got there, we built little Lego people I built a girl I named Tina. You were aloud to swap it, I didn’t but Kobe did it like 4 times. After we went on a ninja ride it was awesome then we saw little cities and Star Wars.  We went on equipment and after that we went on a little boat ride after Legoland we went to San Diego to food shopping after we went to our Airbnb house me and Kobe played games.

Kobe and I with a Lego Vader!
Awesome displays
Kobe and I with Ewok Wicket.


On Thursday, I went to my first class in San Diego at Leticia Ribeiro’s club. When I was waiting for my class to start I met a girl named Bell she asked if I would like to play jenga so we played jenga till it was our time to get ready, after I got dressed it was class time. For warm ups, we did judo rolls and butt scoots then we did others after that we did passing grip technique. Then we did sparing I rolled strong girls. After my class I went to the waiting room and watched Netflix. After mums class, we went home and went to sleep.

 On Friday, we sat around till it was mums class. When we got to Mum’s class I played on my ipad. After mums class we went to bed.

Me at South Bay Kids class

 On Saturday, it was mums open mat. I watched Netflix and played on my ipad. After mums class we went to the beach I got pushed over by a wave that was not nice! And I got sand I my pants and I built a sand castle but it didn’t last long. After the beach, we went and bought a speaker.  Then we went home and had a shower.

 On Sunday, we went to the zoo when we were in the zoo it was not open yet when it opened they let out parrots after they opened we went to the flamingo’s two of them had egg but they stunk!!!! Then we went to the monkeys. We saw hippos, tigers, fossa, lion , elephant and more. Mum, Kobe and I ate a bug it was not nice at all. In a zoo shop Kobe got a mood necklace and I got a snow globe after the zoo we went to a museum. At the Museum we learnt lots of things like a megalodon is actually bigger than I thought and about the past. we watched movies and documentaries.

San Diego Zoo
Stinky Flamingos
Riding a Tortoise
A cool Sloth shirt!
Kobe and I being Seals

On Monday we played with our new friends Isaac and Naomi we played cops and robbers with nerf guns then we had to do to Jitz. I did not put a 100% after my class we watched turtles on netflix then we went home.

 On Tuesday, I did better then Monday we did mount escape and sparring mum was doing her class at the same time on mat 2 after mum’s class we got In and Out burger.

On Wednesday, we went to sea world we got fish to come and clean our hands we went to the touch pool we put our hands in the water with little fish came and cleaned our hands then we touched a shark. We went to turtles then we saw sand tiger sharks, lemon sharks and more then we went to dolphin days they did cool tricks and things after we went to the seals and otter show it was cool. We went to orcas it was cool we wanted to get wet but we did not, after we went on a water ride we got really wet after that we got to see the beluga whales we went to play bay it was fun then we went to penguins after we went home.

A Sea Turtle at Sea World
Kobe riding a Turtle
the Seal show at Sea World

On Thursday Mum Kobe and I did BJJ I learnt how to take them down to side control. I watched mums class and played on my iPad after we went home to bed.

 On Friday Dad, Mum, Kobe and I went to old town for lunch we had different things I had chicken strips Kobe had pizza mum had Ceviche, Dad had a cheese bowl with a very hot chilli then we got candy skulls. We did more walking we got ice cream then mum got a fortune told after old town we went to Midway museum we saw all the stuff and things after we went to the emoji movies then we went to sleep.

The Midway Museum
Some cool planes and Helicopters.

On Saturday, I did my first NoGi class after my class Mum and Dad did open mat Kobe watched Goosebumps after that we played water fights with Isaac and Naomi after we went to bed Kobe had a nightmare about a scary pencils.

 On Sunday, we went to Studio 540, Mum and Dad did open mat I took photos and played on my iPad after we went to the seal beach they STUNK!!!!!!. We got a photo with one we went to the same beach but with on seals then we played with Naomi after we went to bed.

Not a bad classroom for the day
Playing at La Jolla
Seal selfie

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